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        CRCHI's NATM Equipment Firstly Exported To The Middle East


        On May 11, 2020, several flatbed trucks carrying four drilling jumbos and four wet concrete sprayers lined up in the CRCHI’s second industrial park in Changsha and were about to depart to the port. This is the first time for CRCHI to export its NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method) equipment to the Middle East market. 

        Since work resumption took place in Hunan Province, CRCHI has taken many measures to overcome the impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing and distribution. It took a short time for the company to finish manufacturing, commissioning and testing of eight machines. They will be delivered to Dubai of UAE by sea for the Stage Two construction of Etihad Rail.  

        The equipment will face an challenge that requires working in a tropical desert climate and very close to the Persian Gulf where temperature reaches to 60 ℃ and humidity achieves 90% in Summer. Heavy sand-wind also adds to construction difficulty.    

        To solve these problems, these machines were designed to have a function of heat dissipation on the engines, air compressors, motors and other components. They were tested in the factory which simulates the construction environment of high temperature in the Middle East to prove that the equipment can be capable of running in an accurate, reliable and safe way even under extreme environmental conditions.  

        The Stage Two Project is a very important part of the Etihad Rail network and is expected to promote freight transport in Middle East countries, CCECC being one of its contractors.