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    China's First Open-type TBM For South America On The Way To Peru


    China’s first Open-type TBM for South America manufactured by CRCHI was packed in Changsha on March 26th, 2020 and now on the way to Peru for San Gabán hydropower tunnel construction.

    This CRCHI TBM has a total length of 245 m and its diameter of 5.83 m, adopting many advanced technologies in mechanical engineering, electric, hydraumatic, sense and information. The TBM is fitted with a gripper on each side which will be pressed tightly against the surrounding wall to provide thrust force for rock breaking when it works, ideally suitable for San Gabán hydropower tunnel which features very stable surrounding wall with medium to high strength hard rock. Fast and high-efficiency construction will be assured by this customized TBM. 

    Based on site geological conditions, CRCHI designers specially designed cutterhead’s hydraulic cylinders to assist in breakout, breakout torque being 2.5 times higher than rated torque. The shield has several advance grouting holes to solve the problem of advance support for small to medium sized hard rock TBM. Besides, the TBM features a service brake system on the cutterhead which will reduce shut-down time of cutterhead by four times, resulting in safety construction.     

    San Gabán hydropower station is designed with a total installed capacity of 209.3MW and annual energy output of 1.25 billion kW. It is estimated that the hydropower station will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 338,000 tons and the emission of a large amount of exhaust gas and waste, largely promoting optimal allocation of water resources and sustainable economic and social development in South America.

    San Gabán hydropower station is a representative project for the Belt and Road Initiative implemented in South America and also the first electric power project invested by Chinese enterprise in Peru, China International Water and Electric Corporation being its general contractor. It helps to promote upgrading of bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Peru.