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    CRCHI Donates Medical Epidemic Prevention Supplies


    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, China has been fighting against the epidemic. However, the shortage of medical epidemic prevention materials has become a major problem, which is also a major concern for CRCHI.

    On the evening of February 13, a cargo charter arranged by Changsha Government taking off from Frankfurt in Germany arrived at Changsha Airport, carrying the first batch of medical epidemic prevention supplies donated by CRCHI to Hunan Red Cross and Changsha Government.

    CRCHI has donated a total value of 10.26 million RMB of medical epidemic prevention supplies. The first batch of medical supplies totals 141,897 sets, which includes 101,960 medical masks, 38,198 sets of protective clothing and 1,739 pairs of goggles, totaling 8.4 million RMB.