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    4MZ-6 High-end Intelligent Cotton Picker


    Application field

    Apply to the cotton picking by the planting patterns of “66+10cm”or“68+8cm” in the filed.

    Product Feature

    Big picking units and high-efficient and wearproof

    The big picking units do not harm the cotton plant and has high net picking rate.

    The frame is made of high strength and high quality steel plate with high strength and abrasion resistance

    Adopt electronic copy, easy to adjust, quick and responsive

    The system is hydraulic driven, compact and reliable

    Adopt the new structure of descotton plate, adjust to scale, adjust conveniently and accurately, change quickly

    Great horsepower and easy operation

    Use Cummins QSM11 engine, up to 400 horsepower, strong power reserve, low fuel consumption

    Full hydraulic transmission, using Rexroth, Danfoss, Eaton brand hydraulic components, which are traditional and reliable with low heating value.

    The front wheel adopts 520/85r 42 twin tires in parallel, with large landing area and good passability

    Large swing angle steering bridge, small turning radius, flexible operation

    Intelligent monitoring and individually made

    The control system is developed independently, which is simple and convenient.

    It can be equipped with GPS or Beidou system to meet the needs of different users.

    The owner can see the picking and harvest by remote monitoring..

    Multiple detection, anti-fire, anti-electric

    Each system has an independent sound and light alarm prompt

    Equipped with approach electric alarm system which owns independent intellectual property rights to avoid electric shock accidents caused by the equipment close to the live wire.

    One-button fire control system. Once the fire is detected, by beating the button, the fire spray is immediately started in the cotton box, meanwhile,  cotton is unloaded to avoid the maximum vehicle fire.